Taco Burger & Spicy Burger

ry cutting up peppers

As a practice for the big burger cook off next weekend (more pimping to come!), Ry and I decided to make some yummy burgers. 


Ry started his burger by spicing up his meat with peppers (mixed green & habanero), salt, & pepper.  My burger was spiced with tumeric, green peppers, garlic, & salt.

The burgers were cooked perfectly (nice and red on the inside), thanks to Ry.  When we were finished cooking, we each put cheese & tomatoes on the burgers.  Ry used lancys-condimentsketchup on his, and my condiment choices were ketchup, green tomatillo salsa, and red hot. 

Ry’s burger turned out much better than mine.  It was the perfectly spiced… yum yum yum!  Mine needed some salt & pepper to spice it up a little more.  The tumeric didn’t really spice it up the way I wanted.  I guess I should’ve used the cumin… but I get them confused too often!!

Lancy's Tumeric burger



Ry's Spicy Burger



~ by fancylancy on November 15, 2008.

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