Burger Pimping Competition- Clifton, NJ

We decided to have a “pimp-off” down at Snake, Wendi, & Rob’s house this weekend.  We were each allowed to make 2 burgers.  The burgers were then each sliced into quarters and shared amongst the hungry savages (aka- US!).  After all the burgers were pimped, we all used a secret ballot to vote for our two favorites!

First burger was Rob’s.  Rob made his own hot sauce, which was a little sweet at first, then really spicy in the end.  Awesome! He put the sauce in the meat, and cooked up the burgers.  On the bun, he put avocado and tomato.  The fruit added a nice fresh finish along with the hot stuff.

Second burger was Johnny T’s.  Johnny used a special meat blend with Guinness, spices, and an egg.  He also used green and orange pepper (diced) and some vidalia onion (very important to the flavor). Then, he sandwiched a handful of cheese between two thin patties before grilling. The burgers were so thick, they needed to cook about 5 minutes on each side!  They were so good, they didn’t need anything else on top… YuM!

Third was a burger made by Curtis.  His secret ingredient was mushrooms sauteed in red wine, then placed on top.  Delightful!  He spiced his meet with… ?

Fourth was my burger… Fancy Lancy!  My burger was spiced by Ry, our usual meat seasoning (see his details below).  My secret weapon was the Velveeta Deluxe Mac & Cheese.  I spiced the mac & cheese with cumin, habanero powder, taco seasoning, & a bit of garlic powder.  Yummy!  (oh, and just to throw out props- Ry is the one who gave me the idea to use mac & cheese since it’s just about my FAVORITE food ever!!!  besides cheeseburgers of course!)

Fifth was Ry’s burger.  He spiced up his meat with garlic, onion, cayenne, black pepper, mustard, & salt.  He cooked his meat to a nice rare, then served it up with a long Italian pepper, a jalapeno pepper, & some habanero pepper- all sliced nice & thin and place delicately on top.  Spicy, yummy, goodness!

Finally, Snake was able to make his masterpiece.  His secret weapon was corned beef… one of my personal fave’s for breakfast food… how can you go wrong?  He also used some nice gooey horseradish pub cheese, home made hot sauce, and onions.  He grilled up the corned beef so it was nice a crunchy… delightful!

After a secret ballot…
3rd place went to Johnny’s Guinness Burger
2nd place went to Ry’s Pepper Burger
and first place…

…went to ME!  I actually won with the mac & cheese burger!  I’m glad it happened once, since now the competition is REALLY on with the boys…


~ by fancylancy on November 15, 2008.

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