The Pattriarch

After a visit to a local diner, the Pattriarch was conceived.  Basically, Deb ordered a grilled cheese with bacon & tomato, and Ry ordered a cheeseburger.  This is what sparked Ry’s epiphany…

The Pattriarch is a burger sandwiched between two grilled cheeses with bacon & tomatoes.   Ry created his special meat blend into burgers while I made the grilled cheeses (we used cheddar and pepper jack cheese; roma tomatoes, & smoked bacon).  When we finished, we used the sandwiches as our buns, placed our special patty in the middle, applied our condiments, and Voila!

Ry ate the whole thing with a side of tater tots… While I went with just a regular patty melt with tomatoes & bacon… Yum yum yum!


~ by fancylancy on October 14, 2008.

One Response to “The Pattriarch”

  1. I have created a recipe that will put this one to shame. You fuckers have no chance of placing in the competition. I feel so confident that I will put 5 gallons of homemade beer on the line. If I win though I want to watch rogue pee on your ankles and feet!!! To be video taped and pictured for ry pee freely.

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