The Garbage Plate

Now, being natives of Western NY, we cannot forget to throw out props to a home-town favorite, Nick Tahou Hots. This place is so famous, they even have Wikipedia articles about them!!

Nick Tahou’s may be a hot dog place, but they are home to the most famous (and most delicious) garbage plate!  What, you ask, is a garbage plate?  Oh, my little innocent friend… The garbage plate is an unbelievable pile of all the goodness that is greasy spoon.  Here is the exact recipe from the Wikipedia article:

A Garbage Plate is a combination of one selection of cheeseburger, hamburger, red hots, white hots, Italian sausage, chicken fingers, fish (haddock), fried ham, grilled cheese, or eggs; and two sides of either home fries, french fries, baked beans, or macaroni salad; On top of that are the options of mustard, onions, ketchup, Nick’s proprietary hot sauce, a greasy sauce with spices and ground beef. It’s served with rolls or Italian toast on the side, which is made fresh at the bakery next door.

As you can tell from the ingredients, this fine work of art can be eaten for any meal, at any time of the day. It does help that Tahou’s is open all hours of the day (especially good when you’re drunk & need a little pick-me-up around 3am!!) and caters to all types of people… locals, college folks, families, business people, and just regular folks passing through!  If you ever get the chance, check this place out!!


~ by fancylancy on October 13, 2008.

One Response to “The Garbage Plate”

  1. I moved from East Rochester to a different state and this is one of the things I miss most. *sigh* Rochester food.

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