Bacon Burger Dog

Initially made famous by The Cosby Show, then with the tradition continued at The Statesman in Geneseo, NY,

the Bacon Burger Dog (BBD) is an amazing burger that we make pretty often.  On the show, the BBD was actually a hot dog, wrapped in meat, then bacon- then grilled.  There are many ways to create this burger, but we enjoy our way the best! (Especially because we do it in burger form, not dog!)

Begin with one burger patty (Ry’s secret recipe) grilled and a nice soft roll.  (We had to use bread so we could fit the damn thing in our mouths!!)

Top with a slice of cheddar cheese, 3 slices of bacon (smoked hickory is my personal fave), and one hot dog cut in half (don’t half-ass it- use good dogs like Hoffman’s!).

Top with lettuce, tomato, & red onion… plus your favorite condiments!


Here’s a video of Ry eating the masterpiece…


~ by fancylancy on October 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Bacon Burger Dog”

  1. you people need help. **shakes head in disgust**

  2. (He’s a vegan folks…)

  3. Dave, For every animal you don’t eat, I’ll eat 3!

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